Faculty Council

President of the Council:
Prof. dr Milovan Pecelj, full professor

Vice-president of the Council:
Ph.D. Dejan Đorđević, full professor

Ph.D. Mirjana Devedžić, full professor
Ph.D. Branka Tošić, full professor
Ph.D. Miroljub Milinčić, full professor
Ph.D. Slavoljub Dragićević, full professor
Ph.D. Snežana Vujadinović, full professor
Ph.D. Bogdan Lukić, associate professor
Ph.D. Aleksandar Knežević, associate professor
Ph.D. Aleksandar Đorđević, assistant professor
Ph.D. Aleksandar Petrović, assistant professor
Ph.D. Rajko Golić, assistant professor
Ph.D. Ivan Novković, assistant professor
Biljana Rajković-Lukić, administrative staff
M.Sc. Aleksandar Radulović, administrative staff
Ana Stojković, student
Marija Arsić, student
Marina Nedeljković, student
Mladen Radosavljević, student

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