Anthropoecology (13OZS41I3)

  • Level of study undergraduate studies
  • Teacher: Ph.D. Goran Anđelković
  • Subject status: elective
  • ECTS: 5
  • Semester: VII
  • Number of classes: 2+2

Introduction to the environment and its impact on the organism and the state of health of man. Getting acquainted with human activities in the environment.

Students need to acquire basic knowledge of the role of man in shaping and changing geospatial reality.

Theoretical lectures

Fundamentals of anthropoecology; Development of knowledge on anthropoecology; Climate factors of anthropoecology; Land factors of anthropoecology; Geodynamic factors of human ecology; Geoenergetic factors of human ecology; Relief as a factor of survival and business; Water and water properties of the territory as ecological factors of health; Biogenic Factors of Human Ecology; Man as an ecological factor; Anthropogenic factor of environmental degradation. Antropoecological methods of research.

Practical lectures

The impact of natural conditions and processes in the quality of the environment. Extraction and mapping of degraded surfaces. Anthropopression. Anthropogenic impacts on changes in the intensity of natural conditions and processes.

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Станковић С.(1974): Екологија човека. научна књига, Београд.

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