Applicative Social Geography (2013D21I2)

This course aims to explain changes in the organisation of socioeconomic space; to provide geographical knowledge and skills relevant to social practices; to stress the relevance of theory and methodology for application of human geography.

Students will gain skills to apply socio-geographical knowledge in order to improve the quality of the spatial functional organization of particular territorial units at a different hierarchical level.

Students will develop creativity and proactive attitude towards certain social-geographical and economic segments of the organization of human society.

Theoretical lectures

1-2. Theoretical issues and perspectives of the development of applied human geography
3-6. Development perspectives and application of human geography (in economy, rural and urban development, and territorial distribution of the population and its structures)
7. Application of human geography in regional development policies and strategies
8. Application of human geography in population development policies and strategies
9. Application of human geography in the process of planning and programming development of infrastructural systems
10. Application of human geography in spatial organization of the settlements network
11. Application of human geography in the spatial organization of agriculture
12. Application of human geography in development strategies and spatial distribution of the industry
13. Application of human geography in planning and strategies of tourism development
14-15. Theoretical aspects of the application of human geography in the spatial organization of society

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Scientific journals in Serbian:
Glasnik Srpskog geografskog društva, Demografija, Zbornik radova – Geografski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Zbornik radova Geografskog instituta „Jovan Cvijić“, SANU

International scientific journals:
Progress in Human Geography; Journal of Economic Geography; Economic Geography; Applied Geography; Geoforum; Journal of Transport Geography; Area; Professional Geographer; Geografiska Annaler, Series B: Human Geography; Urban Geography

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