Basic Principles of Infrastructure (NOPP21O2)

  • Level of study undergraduate studies
  • Teacher: Ph.D. Bogdan Lukić
  • Subject status: obligatory
  • ECTS: 6
  • Semester: III
  • Number of classes: 2+2

Main subject goal is to introduce basic technical and social infrastructure systems to the students. Additionally students will learn terms necessary in expert communication within the wide range of professionals. They will also be able to perceive different aspect in infrastructure research.

Expected learning outcome is crating of prerequisites for further successful perceiving and overcoming heterogeneous spatial elements and processes as well as infrastructure systems planning and programming.

Theoretical lectures

(1) Introduction: Terms, definitions, types, structure and elements of infrastructure systems. Aspects; (2) Object and lines in space and their status.; (3) Traffic infrastructure: Terms, attributes and classification. Aspects; (4) The role of the traffic in spatial organization and development; (5) Water infrastructure: Terms, definitions and importance. Aspects; (6) Water management: Development, types, characteristics. Water supply system. Sewage system. Meliorations; (7) Energy infrastructure: Terms, definitions, measure units. Aspects; (8) Energy sources. Primary and secondary energy. Ecological aspect, sustainable use; (9) Electro-energetic system and network; (10) Remote heating. Natural gas; (11) Telecommunication infrastructure: Post, phone, telegraph, radio, television. Aspects; (12) Satellite and integral systems. Data transfer networks. New technologies; (13) Social infrastructure: Kindergartens, Schools, Hospitals, Social care, Governance and administration, Police, Army, Terms, definitions, functions and importance. Aspects.; (14) Communal services: Waste management. Green areas. Cemeteries. Green markets, post offices, fire departments etc.; (15) Public enterprises and institutions.

Practical lectures

(1) Infrastructure as our everyday surrounding (recognizing infrastructure in the neighborhood; (2) Multimodal traffic in republic of Serbia; (3) Visit to PE ''Putevi Srbije''; (4) Seminary work. Topic: Infrastructure - one of the aspects; (5) Field work: Water management infrastructure near rivers Sava and Danube; (6) Visit to PCE ''Vodovod i kanalizacija''; (7) Visit to dispatcher center in SEN; (8) Infrastructure networks recognition and description on topographic maps; (9) Wireless traffic and its possibilities – a workshop; (10) Seminary work presentations; (11) Concept – infrastructure glossary: 5X5 terms; (12) Field work: System of green areas in the city, recognition and mapping; (13) Seminary work. Topic: Waste management in a local self-government; (14) Visit to City cemetery and fire department; (15) How I see infrastructure in my local self-government – trough pictures and words.

Žegarac Z. (1998): Infrastruktura. Geografski fakultet, Urbanistički zavod Beograd, Beograd

Grigg S.N. (1988): Infrastructure engineering and management. Jonn Wiley & Sons, New York, Chichester, Brisbane, Toronto, Singapore

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