Cartography with Topography (13OZS11O2)

Main subject goal is to present cartography concepts, map elements and map composition methods as well as generalization process to the students.

Expected learning outcome is to make students capable to choose and apply adequate methodology for modelling transposition spatiotemporal contents in spatiosystem scaled model, in order to explore and understand actual condition of the spatial systems as well as their changes.

Theoretical lectures

  1. Introduction, scope and Cartography methods;
  2. Cartography division, Cartography in a system of science;
  3. The role of the Models in cartography method application;
  4. Definitions, attributes and classification of geographic maps;
  5. Map elements; Cartographic signs and symbols;
  6. Coordinate systems and networks;
  7. Mathematical elements of the map;
  8. Scale and scale bars;
  9. Geodetic base;
  10. Cartography projections;
  11. Sheets division and labelling;
  12. Cartography generalization;
  13. Geospatial elements on the maps;
  14. Relief, hydrography, settlements, communication, vegetation and borders on the maps;
  15. Transcription; Global Positioning System (GPS).

Practical lectures

Cartographic and topographic signs and symbols; Scale and scale bar; Coordinate systems and networks; terrain inclination; topographic profile; orientation with compass; GPS

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