Climatology 1 (NOG21O3)

Getting acquainted with weather phenomena and processes on Earth.

Application of the acquired knowledge in the subject of Climatology in the teaching of geography.

Theoretical lectures

Atmosphere - the boundaries and composition; Vertical structure of the atmosphere; Historical development of atmospheric sciences. Radiation - energy balance of the Earth; Air temperature; Air pressure; Winds; Evaporation and humidity; Clouds and cloudiness; Precipitation and snow cover; Air masses and fronts; Cyclones and anti-cyclones.

Practical lectures

Introduction to meteorological observations; Recording of atmospheric phenomena; Climate databases - meteorological yearbooks; Verification of data reliability in climatology; Interpolation of missing data in climatology; Extrapolation of observation time series in climatology; Determination of the influence of the Sun's elevation angle on the warming of the Earth's surface; Schematic presentation of the thermal balance of the Earth; Calculation of vertical gradients - temperature gradient; Calculating temperature sums; Making a wind rose; Cloud recognition.

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