Cultural Heritage and Tourism (NOT22O4)

The aim of the course is to familiarize students with the historical and artistic development of European and world culture, emphasizing the values ​​that possess outstanding artistic characteristics important for the tourist affirmation of the monuments. Teaching is based on historical, social and chronological review of the epoch and styles. It points to the positive and negative role of tourism on the monuments, as well as the preservation of cultural heritage. Students should learn about cultural tourism, cultural heritage, typology of cultural tourism and cultural tourists, types of cultural tourism, emphasizing the importance of linking theory and practice.

The outcome of the course is knowledge of cultural and historical epochs, recognition of stylistic characteristics, preparation and presentation of itineraries, designing tourist offer related to cultural and historical heritage.

Theoretical lectures

Prehistoric art; Civilizations of the Middle East, Egyptian and Mesopotamian art; Antique civilizations - Greece and Rome; The emergence of Byzantium and the spread of its influence; Romanesque and Gothic; Renaissance culture; Baroque in Europe; XIX century art: classicism, romanticism, realism; Art of the 20th century; Cultural heritage and tourism; Definitions and characteristics of cultural tourism; Types of cultural tourism, typology of cultural tourism and cultural tourists; The relation between cultural tourism and heritage tourism; Protection of cultural and historical heritage and tourism; Global trends and perspectives of cultural tourism.

Practical lectures

Graphic representation of styles for easy identification of the flows of creativity, creation and analysis of itineraries of cultural and historical monuments in a selected country of the world, preparation of seminar work.

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