Ecoclimatology (13OZS11O4)

  • Level of study undergraduate studies
  • Teacher: Ph.D. Milovan Pecelj
  • Subject status: obligatory
  • ECTS: 6
  • Semester: I
  • Number of classes: 2+2

Getting to know with the meteorological processes on Earth. Analysis of climatic elements and factors. Climatic classifications. Climate change and greenhouse effect. Urban Climatology. Ecoclimatic elements and factors in the environment.

Students through basic knowledge in climatology and bioclimatology acquire additional knowledge from ecoclimatology where the essence is in interactive relationship between man - environment.

Theoretical lectures

  1. Atmosphere: Composition and vertical structure of the atmosphere.
  2. Ecoclimateology, climatology, bioclimatology: Definition, object, task and methods, weather and climate.
  3. Radiation - energy balance of the Earth: Radiation. Radiation balance (by Budick). Solar constant. Bioclimatic significance of illumination.
  4. Solar spectrum: Distribution of energy of radiation by wavelengths. Bioclimatic and chemical significance of ultraviolet and infrared radiation for the health of the population.
  5. Air temperature, vertical and horizontal temperature distribution: Heat in soil, water and atmosphere. Temperature inversions, phenomena and significance. Isothermal maps.
  6. Climate change, climate warming and ozone destruction: Causes and consequences. Forest fires. Bioclimatic effects of ozone degradation.
  7. Evaporation and humidity: The importance of moisture in the air. Daily and annual distribution of moisture in the air.
  8. Cloudiness and precipitation: Fog; cloud - classification and genesis. Precipitation, genesis and types, geographical distribution of precipitation.
  9. Air pressure and wind: Baric relief and synoptic map. Geographical distribution of pressures on the Earth. Local, periodic and permanent winds. Bioclimatic and mechanical properties of the wind.
  10. Air masses and air fronts: Warm and cold air masses. Warm, cold and occluded fronts.
  11. Characteristics and types of baric systems and weather disaster: Cyclones and anticyclones, cyclone paths. Wind blow and thunder.
  12. Division of climate by size of space: microclimate, topoclimate, cryptoclimate. Urban climate; Climate classification by Koppen: Tropical climate, dry climate, Moderately warm and humid climate, boreal climate and snow climate.
  13. Climate and health: Climate balneology. The influence of relief, water surface, soil and vegetation on time and climate. Climate in tourism and recreation.
  14. Complex climate connections: Continentality, aridity and humidity of the location. Indices. Drought, occurrence and consequences.
  15. Anthropogenic impacts on weather and climate: The problem of acid rain; ozone layer damage; urban climate; Cryptoclimate - indoor climate; weather, climate and war

Practical lectures

Organization of meteorological service and dedicated surveillance; Methods of stationary measurement of meteorological parameters. Climate databases - meteorological yearbooks; Verification of data reliability in climatology. Interpolation of missing data and extrapolation of observation strings in climatology. Calculation of vertical gradients - temperature gradient, temperature sums, wind rose, cloud recognition. Analysis of synoptic maps. Determination of Koppen's climatic formula. Creating climadiagrams by Walter, making a climate and bioclimatic postcard. Phenoclimatology tests. Climate mapping; Application of meteorology in urban planning, spatial planning and construction. Application of meteorology in energetics.

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