Economic Evaluation Methods of Environment (13MZS2I4)

  • Level of study master academic studies
  • Subject status: elective
  • ECTS: 7
  • Semester: II
  • Number of classes: 3

Mastering basic economic concepts and methods of environmental valuation and economic mechanisms and instruments for implementing environmental protection.

Mastering the economic methods of environmental valuation.

Theoretical lectures

1- Economic methods of envoronmental valuation. Basic concepts, mechanisms and instruments.
2- Macroeconomic indicators of economic growth, economic development and sustainable development.
System of National Accounts: GNA (Green National Accounts) and GS (Genuine Savings).
3- Environmental market failures: externalities, public goods, common resources, incomplete information.
4- Economic instruments for environmental protection: I+M programs, instruments of fiscal policy (taxes, charges and subventions) and tradable permits system.
5- Feasibility studies and cost-benefit analysis.
6- The place and role of the environment in investment projects and cost-benefit analyzes.
7- Economic valuation approaches for environmental goods and services: Stated preference methods, Revealed preference methods and the Production function model.
8-CV (contigent valuation method)
9-CE (choice experiments method)
10-CR (contigent ranking method)
11-Hedonic pricing method
12- Travel costs method
13-DRM (dose-response models)
14-EFM (ecosystem function models)
15-The scope and limitations of different economic valuation approaches for environmental goods and services

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