Ecotourism and Nature Conservation (NOT32I1)

  • Level of study undergraduate studies
  • Teacher: Ph.D. Marija Belij
  • Subject status: Изборни
  • ECTS: 5
  • Semester: VI
  • Number of classes: 2+2

Consideration of the recent state of biodiversity and geodiversity as categories that represent basic values of importance for the development of ecotourism.Ecotourism as a form of sustainable, selective tourism is conditioned by adequate protection of natural values and their presentation and valorization.Emphasizing respect for the development of ecotourism with nature conservation for the purpose of successful and long-term tourism business, as well as complex protection of nature and the environment.

Adoption and application of knowledge about the concept, significance, role and structural features of ecotourism, as a concept and market category;Building competencies of students for the selection of adequate instruments for applying the concept of ecotourism in specific destinations (national parks and other protected natural assets), which will affirm the applicative character of knowledge acquired by attending this course.

Theoretical lectures

1. Concept, principles and forms of selective types of tourism and ecotourism; 2. Typology of ecotourism; 3. Ecological (biotic) and physical-geographical attractions of importance for ecotourism; 4. Complementary values of importance for ecotourism; 5. Ecological and socio-cultural sustainability of ecotourism; 6. Ecotourism as a market category (markets, organizers, eco lodgings...);7. Quality control in ecotourism; 8. Biodiversity (term, meaning ...); 9. Biodiversity (current state of global biodiversity - hot spots of land and marine biodiversity);10. The concept, object and objectives of nature protection; 11. Protected natural assets of international significance (MaB and UNESCO World Heritage sites); 12. Nature protection system in Serbia; 13. Management of protected natural resources of Serbia; 14. Ecotourism in Serbia; 15. Ecotourism Destinations.

Practical lectures

1.The ecological, economic and socio-cultural framework of ecotourism; 2.Indicators of the impact of tourism on the environment; 3-5.Analysis of selected eco-tourism destinations; 6-8.The ecological and physical-geographical values of the national parks of Serbia;9-10.The ecological and physical-geographical values of nature parks and special nature reserves of Serbia; 11-12.Preparation of SWOT analysis for individual tourist sites, with reference to the ecological aspects of tourist valorization; 13th visit to the protected natural asset; 14-15.Presentation of seminar papers.

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