Ethics in Tourism (NMT1I2)

  • Level of study master academic studies
  • Teacher: Ph.D. Ljubica Rajković
  • Subject status: elective
  • ECTS: 7
  • Semester: I
  • Number of classes: 3

Acquisition of specific knowledge and facts of ethical codes, which have a reciprocal influence on the changes in the quality of life; Egoism and altruism; The crisis of morals: “moral slide” and “moral vacuum”.

Training students for the application of fundamental ethical knowledge in a specific tourist system: the recognition of the humane importance of the modern process and the development of science and technology; Morality and cynicism of business ethics, morality and our time.

Theoretical lectures

The art of living: internal freedom, why must we be moral? Does morality make us happy? Business ethics. Positive psychology: who are good people? Morality and our time: Learning about good and evil. Altruism and empathy.

Ričard T. D. Džordž (2003): Poslovna etika, "Filip Višnjić", Beograd

Nikolaj Hartman (2003): Etika, Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica, Zagreb.

Jovan Babić (2010): Moral I naše vreme, Plato, Beograd.

J. Džozef (2010): Ekološka etika, Službeni glasnik, Beograd.

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