Fertility and Population (NOD41I1)

The objectives of the course: definition and analysis of the basic determinants of the social position of women in a developmental and comparative perspective (developed countries, developing countries, rural areas, regions). Persuading the dialectic of social relations of the sexes and the roots of gender subordination by connecting apparently unrelated fragments in the context of socio-economic and political determinants. Emphasizing the fundamental role and importance of sexuality and gender in society. Generalization of gender as a cause of social inequality.

Creation of critical opinion and understanding, training students for self-recognition of gender as a social construct and sources of social inequality and discrimination in professional life.

Theoretical lectures

Theoretical teaching is designed to provide students with understanding key and basic concepts from a gender perspective: patriarchate, biologisation of sociality, gender and functional contingents, gender as social and symbolic construction, body and sociability.

Practical classes

The objectives is to enable learning about the purpose of use, the way of defining, the sources and areas in which relationships between social and gender, and gender equality are effected. Mastering the most important indicators of the Women's social status: Gender Development Index, Gender Empowerment Measure, multiple discrimination and exploitation of women, violence against women, feminization of poverty, misogyny, gender budgeting, women's movement.

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