General and Tourist Infrastructure (NOT31I1)

  • Level of study undergraduate studies
  • Teacher: Ph.D. Bogdan Lukić
  • Subject status: elective
  • ECTS: 5
  • Semester: V
  • Number of classes: 2+1

Getting acquainted with the basic systems of technical, social and tourism infrastructure. Mastering the terms that are necessary in communication with experts from different sectors. Considering the aspects of infrastructure research in planning, equipping and functioning of tourist destinations.

Creation of preconditions for further successful perception and control of heterogeneous spatial elements, processes, planning and programming of infrastructure systems within the tourism strategies, plans, zones and objects.

Theoretical lectures

(1)The concept of general and tourist infrastructure: definitions, types, structure and elements;
(2)Status of facilities and types of general and tourist infrastructure in space;
(3) Traffic Infrastructure: Concepts, characteristics and classifications. Aspects;
(4) Water Infrastructure: Concepts, Definitions and Importance in Tourism;
(5)Energy Infrastructures: Concepts, definitions;
(6)Electricity system and networks; Remote heating. Natural gas; Renewable sources;
(7)Telecommunication infrastructure: Post office, telephone, telegraph, radio, television; Satellite and integral systems. Data transmission networks. New technologies;
(8)Social and communal Infrastructure: Preschool, Education, Health, Social Welfare, Administration and Administration, Police, Army, Municipal Waste, Greenery, Market, Post office, Fire service, etc.;
(9)Ski resorts, bathing and beaches, thematic and amusement parks;
(10)Tourist information centers, tourist and visitors centers, rest areas by road, objects of nautical tourism;
(11)Golf courts, tennis courts, outdoor and indoor recreational objects;
(12)Small artificial reservoirs with swimming pool, swimming pools, wellness objects;
(13)Fun recreational paths and roads (trim trails, health paths, sightseeing spots, panoramic roads, bicycle paths, hiking trails, snowmobile trails and like that);
(14) Arranged riversides and lakesides, objects for observing natural rarities, objects for respite and shorter stay of tourists, objects for adventure activities;
(15)Historical and traditional infrastructure.

Practical lectures

Students write papers individually, where for a given tourist destination they are looking at the existing general and tourist infrastructure and on the basis of the possibilities of developing tourist activities, they propose planning and building of a new infrastructure.

Papers, with graphics and textual contents, will be publicly presented and defended. As an integral part of practical teaching, field education is within the Belgrade region.

Žegarac Z. (1998): Infrastruktura. Geografski fakultet, Urbanistički zavod Beograd, Beograd.

Plans, Strategies, Programs, Elaborates and selected papers.

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