Geoecology (13OZS12O4)

  • Level of study undergraduate studies
  • Teacher: Ph.D. Milovan Pecelj
  • Subject status: obligatory
  • ECTS: 5
  • Semester: II
  • Number of classes: 2+2

Through the subject Geoecology, students should get knowledge about the unity of the biotic and abiotic component, about the principles of functioning of the ecosystem and about the cycles of matter and the flow of energy.

Students will be introduced to the most important planetary geoecological processes and problems and ecological lawness in the geographic environment.

Theoretical lectures

  1. Geoecology, subject, task and methodology: Development of scientific thought on geoecology. Theoretical-methodological and terminological issues.
  2. Phases of development of geoecology: Geoecological schools of East and West. Geoecology in the light of modern geospatial changes. Geographical and bioecological approach.
  3. Landscape in Geoecology: The landscape, concept, definition and significance in geoecology. Typology and taxonomy of regions in geoecology.
  4. Taxonomic units in geoecology (Landschaftology). Holism and region within geoecology: Division of space by: Richter, Papen, Hase, Neef, Kondracki, Schmithuen, Isachenko. Holism in the light of geoecology as a holistic science. Micro-regional corridors and micro-regional centers.
  5. Hierarchical levels of the landscape: Vertical and horizontal dimension of the landscape. Three-dimensional ecological performance by I. Zonenveld - Ecotop, Microhor, Mezohhor, Macrohor. Terms in geoecology by Troll - ecotop, physiotop, geotop.
  6. Geoecological consequences of imbalance in geospheres. Atmospheric, hydrosphere, pedological and biosphere complex: Geoecological consequences of imbalance in geospheres. Aquatic and land (terrestrial) ecosystems; atmospheric, pedological complex; land as the environment of organisms; erosion, anthropogenization; biosphere complex. Biological rhythms.
  7. Planetary geoecological problems: Geoecological problems of climate warming, ozone destruction, El Nino. Forest fires.
  8. Geoecology and spatial planning: Principles of evaluation and spatial planning. Land use. The convenience of the landscape.
  9. Methods in the geoecological evaluation of the landscapes: Landep method, Methods of recreation index and bonitation.
  10. Geoecology, tourism and recreation: Significance of geoecological evaluation of protected natural resources - strict and special nature reserves, national parks, protected habitats, landscape of exceptional features and nature park.
  11. Landshaft: The term and content of the Landschafts. Development of Landschaftsökologie. Directions in Landschaftsökologie.
  12. Structural level of geosphere: geo-component, geosphere and geosystem level.
  13. Geosphere - Landschaft sphere: The term, boundaries of the geosphere. Development of scientific thought of the geosphere. Basic parameters of the geosphere. Composition and structure of the Landschaft sphere.
  14. Spatial differentiation and lawness of the landschaft sphere: A Review of the lawness properties of the geosphere. Morphological structure of the landscape.
  15. Taxonomic system of units of regionalization: Component and complex sorting. Band-zone structures. Symmetry in the sphere. Classification of geographical units. Taxonomic units and ranks in Landschaftsökologie.

Practical lectures

Practical classes, other forms of teaching, study research work. Models of ecological strings. Geosphere - landschaft sphere. Geographical and geoecological aspects of the environment. Abiotic and biotic factors. Geoecological consequences of imbalance in geospheres. Ecological and fossil fuels. Organism adaptability to seasonal changes. Forest ecosystems. Biomass. Ecosystem energetics: chains and food cycles, ecological pyramids, cycle of matter and energy. Biological and Geological cycles of geo and ecological succession.

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