Geography of Local Environment (NOG42I1)

Meet students with forms and methods of geographical study of the local environment, taking into account geographical observation as a basic principle.

Understand the importance of geographic study of the local environment and the method of direct observation; to learn to perform a variety of measurements with students in the school yard and the immediate surroundings of the school, to raise a geographical polygon and to form collections; to adopt work plan skills and topographic map in the field, with pupils; organization of field work with pupils, collection of geographical data on the local environment, both natural and social; mastering the methodology of creating a monograph of the local environment (homeland) with students, as the final result of homework.

Theoretical lectures

1) Introductory lecture: why to deal with local environments; division of seminar papers;
2) Where our place is: determination with students of the geographical position of the birthplace;
3) Measurements with pupils of distance, angles, and height of objects in school yard;
4) Determination with pupils of the height of the hill and the width of the river in the immediate vicinity of the school;
5) Orientation in space and work with a topographic map on the field (time in nature - one day field training in the Gradac Valley);
6) Making with the students of the school yard plan;
7) Making with students of the relief of homeland;
8) School meteorological measurements with pupils and organization of school grounds;
9) Formation with students of the school wall collection;
10) Preparation and execution of fieldwork: half-day and one-day;
11/12) What is our homeland different from other localities: gathering information with students about nature, population and economy of the country;
13/14) Creation of a monograph of homeland on a concrete case (based on seminar papers);
15) Systematization of materials;

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Supporting literature:

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