Geography of Serbia (NOT21O3)

The subject of study is a complex of natural phenomena in the territory of Serbia and their causative and consequential connections with socio-economic activities. The goal of the subject is to study and determine the distribution and quality of natural phenomena and their interconnection as well as their impact on socio-economicfeatures.

Based on the scientific observation of natural features, students should be able to learn about the cause-effect relationships between objects, phenomena and processes in the territory of Serbia and their consequences.

Theoretical lectures

Geographic and historical development of Yugoslavia;
Geographic and historical development of Serbia, size and borders of Serbia;
Specificity of the geographical position of Serbia in the Balkans and in Europe;
Natural characteristics of Serbia and their influence on other geographical features;
Morphotectonic evolution and main morphological characteristics of Serbia;limate of Serbia;
Hydrological features;oils – formation and classification; Flora and Faunaof Serbia;
Demographics of Serbia;conomy of Serbia;atural resources as a factor of economic development;
Agriculture in Serbia – development, problems and perspectives; Industrial development in Serbia, structure and distribution;Transport in Serbia;
Tourism – factors of development and perspective in Serbia;Settlements in Serbia.

Practical lectures

Introducing students with the subject and methods of research;Complex and scientific analysis of natural features of Serbia; Analysis of: morphotectonic characteristics of Serbia, seismic activities, paleo vulcanic areas in Serbia, climate types and climates changes and extremes in Serbia; hydrological and pedological features of Serbia; Methodology for the preparation and oral presentation of seminar papers.

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Pavlović, M. (1998). Geografija Jugoslavije 2. Belgrade: Savremena administracija.

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