Geography of Soil (NOG21I1)

  • Level of study undergraduate studies
  • Teacher: Ph.D. Sanja Manojlović
  • Subject status: elective
  • ECTS: 4
  • Semester: III
  • Number of classes: 2

Introducing with soils as one of the most important resources on Earth, its genesis and its distribution on the Earth's surface. Introduction to protection and improvement, problems of degradation and soil contamination.

Determining geographical factors for the creation and geographical distribution of soils on Earth and in Serbia. Determination of geographical factors on the intensification of soil erosion. Introduction to methodology and methods for determining soil erosion in the world and in Serbia.

Theoretical lectures

1. The concept, object, task and division of geography of soils, its position in the system of geographical and other sciences;
2. The genesis and composition of the soil;
3-4. Types of soils;
5. Geospatial structures of the soil cover;
6. Geographical distribution of soils in the world and Serbia;
7. Determination of geographical factors on the origin and distribution of soils;
8. The influence of geological composition on soil creation. Impact of relief on soil genesis;
9. The influence of climatic factors on soil genesis. The impact of biogenic factors on soil;
10. Anthropogenic impacts on soils;
11-12. Determination of geographical factors on the intensification of soil erosion; soil degradation; 13. Methods for determining the intensity of soil erosion;
14. Anti-erosion measures and soil protection against erosion;
15. Methods of land valuation. Land contamination. Revitalization and land reclamation.

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