Geology with Petrography 2 (NOG12O3)

To get familiar with lithospheric rocks, geological maps and basic types of mineral raw material deposits.

Application of the knowledge acquired in the field of geology to the teaching of geography.

Theoretical lectures

Igneous rocks - Mineral composition and fabric of important igneous rocks, their distribution and use; Sedimentary rocks - Surface decomposition, transport, sedimentation and diagenesis, as the stages in the formation of sedimentary rocks. Composition and fabric of sedimentary rocks, distribution and use; Metamorphic rocks - Types of metamorphism, mineral composition and fabric of metamorphic rocks, origin, distribution and use; Mineral raw material deposits - Basic genetic examples of mineral raw material deposits, with examples. Geological maps - Definition and classification of geological maps. Basic geological map and its interpretation; Specialist geological maps: engineering-geological, hydrogeological, seismic, metalogenetic maps; Geological structure of Serbia.

Practical lectures

Identification of rocks - Structure, texture and mineral composition of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks, classification, distribution and use; Analysis of geological maps - Methods of geological mapping, working with geological compass. Getting acquainted with certain sheets of basic geological map (OGK), with reference to symbols for displaying geological formations, properties of tectonic fabric, mineral raw material deposits, etc. Application of specialist geological maps.

V. Jovanović, D. Srećković-Batoćanin: Osnovi geologije, Zavod za udžbenike i nastavna sredstva, 2006.

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