Geomorphology 1 (NOG21O1)

The objective of this course is to introduce students to global tectonic, volcanic and seismic phenomena, processes and forms of relief.

Training students to form a database and implement them in one of the modern GIS-oriented programs (SURFER, GEOMEDIA) for the production of quantitative geomorphological maps, with the aim of morphometric evaluation of the relief.

Theoretical lectures

1. Position of geomorphology in the system of geographical and other sciences; significant geomorphologists of the world and Serbia and their contributions to science; 2. Historical development of geomorphology; division of geomorphology, auxiliary scientific discipline; 3. Methods of research in geomorphology; 4. Tectonic movements and their morphological significance; 5. Epirogenic movements, methods of determining the action of epirogenic movements, global distribution of differential epirogenic movements; 6. Orogenic movements and forms; phenomenon, process and shape; 7. Macro-forms of relief, land and ocean basins; 8. The tectonic processess in Serbia over time; 9. Volcanic process and forms of relief; 10. Types of volcanic eruptions; 11. Fossil volcanic forms; 12. Distribution of volcanic regions in the world; Paleovulcanic relief in Serbia (ambient type of teaching); 13. Seismism, phenomena, causes, forms of relief, geographical distribution; 14. Colloquium; 15. Correctional colloquium

Practical lectures

1. Interpolation on the example of isohypse; 2-3. Creation of block diagrams (method of successive profiles, isohypse method, computer methods); 4-5. Qualitative geomorphological maps; 6. Quantitative geomorphological maps; 7-8. Formation of a database for the production of quantitative geomorphological maps; 9. Creating an angle of inclination; 10. Making a relief map; 11. Creating a map of the first energy relief trend; 12. Exposure maps; 13. Application of geomorphological maps; 14-15.

Petrović D., Manojlović P. (2003): Geomorfologija. Geografski fakultet, Beograd.

Manojlović P., Dragićević S. (2003): Praktikum iz geomorfologije. Geografski fakultet, Beograd.

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