Globalization and Integrations in World (NOD32I2)

Examining the phenomenon of globalization from different aspects - geoeconomic, geopolitical, geocultural, geodemographic, geo-banking and others. Consider regional and international integration, especially those concerning Serbia.

Identifying the impact of contemporary social processes in the era of globalization and integration in the world and their repercussions on the spatial planning system in Serbia.

Theoretical lectures

1. Introduction to geoglobalistics. Concept, essence and conceptions of globalization, 2. Phases in the development of globalization, 3. Global values or postmodern domination of the West, 4. Globalization and the New World Order, 5. Globalization as a model of economic development, 6. Transnational companies in the global world, 7. Inequalities and global divisions (model center - periphery), 8. Media and globalization, 9. Globalization and regionalization, 10. Regional approach to cultural studies and multiculturalism, 11. Cultural and regional identity and identity crisis, 12. Global network and global system, 13 Gl urbanization development. Gradocentric model of the world economy. The phenomenon of megapolis and oligopoly, 14. International regional integrations - types, characteristics, distribution. European Union. World Trade Organization (GATT). International Monetary Fund (IMF). United Nations (UN), 15. The position of Serbia in a global society.

Practical lectures

Addressing teaching topics through specific tasks for students. Methodology of seminar work and defense of seminar papers. Calculating indicators, drawing graphic representations, analyzing and interpreting data, charts and maps. The focus is on the one hand to show increasing connectivity and interdependence of the world, and on the other - to deepen the disparity of regional development of the world.

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