Hydrology 1 (NOG21O2)

Introduction to the basic properties of water as matter and all forms of its occurrence on Earth, the formation of groundwater and the formation of river flows, their regime, the law of movement, the use and protection against irrational consumption and pollution.

Understanding the importance of water for life and human activity and perceiving the main reasons for the insufficient amount of usable water on Earth as a global problem. Also, training for assessing the water wealth of a territory by analyzing the water balance and water regime, as well as the assessment of water quality.

Theoretical lectures

Introduction to the subject of study of hydrology, organization of teaching, basic literature, scoring system of basic activities.The importance of water.
Water cycle.Water balance.Water Resources on Earth.
Groundwater origin.Formation and groundwater types.
Groundwater regime.Movement of groundwater.Water in karst.
Springs.Spring types. Karst springs.
Healing waters.Hydrogeothermal energy use.Significance and protection of groundwater.
River system and river network.
Divide and river basin.
River valley and riverbed.
Properties of river water.Water movement in the riverbed.
Water regime.The basic elements of the regime.
Phases and types of water regime.
River sediment load regime. Flash floods - origin and types.
Danube - the most international river in the world.
Water as a global problem.

Practical lectures

Chemical properties of water
Physical properties of water
Chemical and physical properties of groundwater
Hydro-contour lines map creation
Karst springs mechanism schemes
Belgrade Waterworks  visit
Orohydrographic map - divide and catchment determination
Orohydrographic map - river flow elements determination
Orohydrographic map - morphometric parameters and river network
Orohydrographic map - the longitudinal river profile and hypsographic curve of river basin
Processing of hydrological parameters in GIS
Visit to the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia

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