Manifestations tourism (NOT31I2)

The study of manifestation tourism from different aspects, determining elements of manifestations, factors that influence the maintenance of the manifestation, separation and classifications of manifestation tourism on the basis of numerous criteria.

Enabling students to understand the theoretical and practical aspect of researching tourist events, evaluating tourist events. Students need to develop awareness how important the manifestations are to the environment in which they are maintained, especially for the preservation of the values of the local community.

Theoretical lectures

Tourism events: definition and research. Classification of manifestations. Special Events and MICE Industry. Exhibitions and congresses. Festivals, carnivals. Economic effects of manifestation tourism. Aspects of manifestation tourism. Manifestation tourism in relation to the total tourist offer. Elements of organization and planning of manifestation tourism. Geographical distribution of events in Serbia. The basic division of manifestation tourism in Serbia. Ethnographic and artistic manifestations in Serbia. Economic and entertainment-tourist events. Scientific-professional and tourist-propaganda manifestations. Religious and political-historical manifestations. Sports and children's events.

Practical lectures

Analysis of examples of good and bad practice of organizing manifestations, evaluating different types of manifestations, determining the correlations of manifestation tourism and the geographical environment in which manifestations are held.

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