Monumental Heritage and Tourism in Serbia (NOT32O1)

Acquisition of comprehensive scientific knowledge about the old and new past of Serbia and its rich monumental heritage. Explanation and understanding of the presence and permeation of different cultures in the territory of Serbia through centuries.

Development of creative and active attitude of students towards the preservation and protection of the monumental heritage. Developing awareness of the artistic, social and historical value of the monument and their importance for tourism evaluation.

Theoretical lectures

Traces of prehistory. Monuments of antiquity. Byzantine creativity. Serbian medieval art (Raska, Serbian-Byzantine and Moravian style). Medieval towns and fortresses. The Impact of the Culture of Islam and the Cultural Heritage of the Jews. Direction towards Central Europe. Folklore heritage. Artistic expression of the XX century. Historic monuments and memorials. Tourist importance of the museum and gallery. Types and characteristics of cultural goods. Protection, design and tourist arrangement of monuments. Cultural-touristic zones. Key problems in the cultural tourism of Serbia.

Practical lectures

Introduction to archaeological, historical, ethnological, geographical and other literature, photo documentation and illustrative material. Processing (in writing) of a particular monument using literature and various sources. Comparative cultural values ​​of European and our space. Identification of stylistic spatial units. Famous revitalizing monuments.

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