Natural Basis for Spa Tourism (NOT12O6)

  • Level of study undergraduate studies
  • Teacher: Ph.D. Jelena Luković
  • Subject status: obligatory
  • ECTS: 6
  • Semester: 2+2

The main goal is to introduce students to basic natural conditions for the development of spa tourism; to origin and the distribution of mineral waters; different types of spa tourism; spa regions in Serbia and Europe. It highlights tourist valorization of such centers/regions including negative impacts that development of tourism can cause.

The outcome is to develop the ability to evaluate and assess the tourist potentials of the spa regions and centers in general.

Theoretical lectures

1. Introduction
2. Spa center
3. Current situation with spa centers in Serbia
4. The origin and distribution of mineral waters. First classification.
5. Classification based on temperature (suggested by M. Leko).
6. Rare waters; the utilization of mineral waters.
7. Geographical position as a natural base for spa tourism
8. Geological features as a natural base for spa tourism; Relief as a natural base for spa tourism
9. Climate as a natural base for spa tourism
10. Concept of wellness tourism and origin
11. Classification of spa and wellness centers
12.  Spa centers in Serbia and Europe
13. Typical wellness tourist
14. Impact upon environment
15. Modern market and spa tourism

Practical lectures

1. Introduction; Selection of topics for individual presentation.
2.Contemproray and future trends in spa tourism.
3. Royal spa centers in Serbia.
4.-14. Students presentation.

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