Natural Conditions and Resources (NOPP22I4)

Introducing students to natural conditions and resources on the Earth and, in particular, their treatment and importance in spatial plans. Developing the ability to evaluate independently natural resources and to use properly existing natural resources. Developing awareness of the need for further improvement of the concept of sustainable development in relation to planning of natural resources use and adapting to specific natural conditions.

Students, as future planners or spatial planning managers, should be able to know the place, role and importance of exploring natural potentials and limitations for the needs of spatial planning.

Theoretical lectures

Natural conditions and resources: - definition, classification, importance. Natural components of the environment: geological, pedological, orographic, climatic, hydrological, biogeographical. Natural conditions (relief, climate, hydrography, geological structure, living world), natural resources (geological resources, agricultural, forest and water land, energy resources). Sustainable development of the use of natural resources shown in the examples taken from spatial plans.

Practical lectures 

Independent creation of a segment of draft spatial plan regarding the state and development of natural potential and resources.

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