Nature of Serbia (13OZS41O1)

The subject of study is a complex of natural phenomena in the territory of Serbia and their causative and consequential connections. The goal of the subject is to study and determine the distribution and quality of natural phenomena and their interconnection and conditionality.

Based on the scientific observation of natural features, students should be able to learn about the cause-effect relationships between objects, phenomena and processes in the territory of Serbia and their consequences.

Theoretical lectures

Geographic and historic development of Serbia, size and borders of Serbia;
Specificity of the geographical position of Serbia in the Balkans and in Europe;
Natural characteristics of Serbia and their influence on other geographical features;
Morphotectonic evolution and main morphological characteristics of Serbia;
Types of climate in Serbia;
Hydrological features;
Types of soils;
Flora and fauna;
The influence of natural factors on the distribution of the population;
Geographical distribution of the population and its impact on economic development;
Natural resources of Serbia as elements of economic development and spatial-functional development of the settlements.

Practical lectures

Introducing students with the subject and methods of research;

Complex and scientific analysis of natural and socio-geographical features of Serbia.

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