Population – Factor of Regionalization (NMD2I1)

  • Level of study master academic studies
  • Teacher: Ph.D. Gordana Vojković
  • Subject status: elective
  • ECTS: 8
  • Semester: II
  • Number of classes: 4

The objective of the course is to familiarize students with basic theoretical and methodological settings, factors and principles of demographic regionalization, as part of general regionalism, and outlines the main criteria and elements necessary for the implementation of regionalization.

Mastering the systematized knowledge and functional approach to knowledge of contemporary problems of development and organization of the population, as well as practical application of knowledge in spatial and regional planning with the aim of adequate spatial-functional or political-territorial organization of space.

Demographic regionalization as a goal of contemporary demographic studies; The role of regionalization in the realization of reality and systemic approach as a scientific and methodological "basis" of regionalization: Theoretical and methodological basis of regionalization; Demographic regionalization as an integral part of general regionalization. The notion of a region, boundaries as a barrier factor or an element of integrativeness; The starting principles, purpose and goal of demographic regionalization; About the experiences of other countries; A review of the previous experience of demographic regionalization in Serbia; Regionalization as a method and methods of demographic regionalization; Elements and factors of demographic regionalization; Demographic regionalization of Serbia - issues and problems.

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Grupa autora, Šema stalnih rejona za demografska istraživanja, IDN-CDI, Beograd, 1963

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