Population in Spatial Planning (NOD31I2)

Introducing students with theoretical and practical approaches in spatial planning and altered conditions in which it takes place, as well as to consider the place, role and significance of the population as a subject and as an object in the spatial planning process.

Mastering students with the basic knowledge of the modern concept, priorities and problems that spatial planning meets today and in the near future in the world and in our country; development of the segment related to the population in spatial and urban plans.

Newer ideas about spatial planning - trends in the practice of spatial, regional and urban planning in the world and in our country and current planning problems. Structure and content of spatial plans - introduction of the concept of the spatial plan, as a first phase, of the draft plan, as well as other stages of the development of the plan and process of realization of the plan; covering the segments of all spatial plans with a focus on the social aspect and the aspect of the population. State of spatial planning in Serbia - transition and reform of the planning system. Population in European spatial planning - situation analysis, problem resolution and defining goals and measures related to the demographic policy of spatial development of the European Union.

Theoretical lectures

1. Planning (definition, objectives, tasks, subject)
2. Basic concepts related to spatial planning;
3. Development processes (industrialization, urbanization, deagrarization, globalization and sustainable development)
4. Spatial planning
5. Development of spatial planning (in the world and in Serbia)
6. The process and content of the development of the spatial plan
7. Social segment in spatial plans
8. Population as a resource (structures, migrations)
9. Projections of the population in the planning period
10. Organization of the settlement network
11. Services and supplies, public services, administration
12. Indicators of degree of development of space
13. Planning systems, planning organization, planning levels
14. Population issues in urban planning
15. Demographic aspect in European spatial development documents

Practical lectures

Determining matter from lectures according to the course program; preparation and presentation of seminar work with a selected theme from the lecture program - getting acquainted with a wide range of literature, analyzing and diagnosing the demographic problems of the observed territory, specific planning responses and instruments.

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Usvojeni prostorni  planovi u Srbiji posle 2009. godine

Strategije Republike Srbije koje se odnose na problematiku prostornog razvoja

Dokumenta i programi planiranja stanovništva u okviru politike regionalnog razvoja EU

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