Population Statistics 2 (NOD22O1)

Students are introduced to data sources, to the history of the development of statistics of natural population movements and migration statistics in Serbia and abroad, to methodological solutions for data obtaining, the possibilities of using and comparing them. They also acquire knowledge about basic indicators and calculation techniques which are applied in statistics of migration and vital statistics (measures of migration, fertility, mortality and other indicators of spatial and natural population movements).

Through this course the students are trained to apply their knowledge of immigration statistics and statistics of natural population movements.

Theoretical lectures

The history of the development of migration statistics in Serbia and abroad. Tasks of statistics of resettlement and capabilities of statistical migration monitoring. Methodological solutions. Available data, methodological problems and disadvantages. Comparative overview of migration measurement methods. Basic and general terms and expressions in vital statistics. History of development of vital statistics in Serbia and abroad. Historical sources of data about natural population movements. Sources of data and assessment of the quality of modern statistical records on vital events. Units and features. Methodology of data collection. Available data on characteristics of ones being born, deceased, of marriages and divorces. Basic conditions of data comparing. Data sets, analytical sizes and analytical actions. Measures and techniques for calculating the basic indicators of the natural movement of the population.

Practical lectures

Presentation and analysis of the main instruments for collecting migration data (examples from the regular statistical service) and vital statistics. Practicing the correct use of methodological instructions and filling out statistical forms of birth, death, marriage and divorce. Working visit to registry offices. Presentation of independent researches and seminar papers. Elaboration of international recommendations, studies and analyzes related to migration and vital statistics.

Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia (2002). Census 2002, 10. Migratin of population of Serbia. Belgrade: RZS.

Methodological issues of the migration office of Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.

Group of authors (1957). Prirodno kretanja stanovništva Srbije od 1863-1954. Beograd: Zavod za statistiku Srbije.

Methodological issues of the vital statistics. Belgrade: SZS, Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia.

Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia. International recommends (UN) for vital statistics. Belgrade: RZS.

Rančić, M. (1980). Statistika stanovništva. Beograd: Viša škola za primenjenu informatiku i statistiku.

Selected studies, analysis and reviews, SZS, RZS, Beograd.

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