Regional Development and Tourism (NMT1I3)

The aim of the course is to point out the role of tourism in economic and spatial development as well as the importance of tourism in the sustainable development of regional entities and systems of different territorial and social sizes.

Acquiring knowledge about instruments and techniques of integration of tourism in the general concept of development of wider regional entities, bearing in mind that tourism is an important factor of spatial and functional integration; Creating competencies for establishing regional priorities for tourism development in Serbia; Gaining the ability to coordinate tourism development with other activities; better understanding of the impact of tourism on regional economies.

Theoretical lectures

Tourism as a factor of regional development
The concepts and models of regional development;
The role of tourism in regional development concepts;
The development and market commercialization of main tourism products.
Main features of tourism sector
Social and economic importance of tourism.
The role of tourism in GDP and external trade balance.
The role of tourism in changing economic structure and employment.
The role of tourism in GDP and employment of different regions
Tourism and sustainable development. ,
Tourism and balanced regional development
Tourism as a factor of regional differentiation and/or homogenization of territory
Investment policy in tourism.
The planning of tourism development on regional and national scale.
Spatial planning of tourism activities.

Study research paper:

Using relevant economic indicators to determine the importance of tourism in the development and functional organization of regions of different sizes.
Tourism regions as instruments of spatial development.
The importance of tourism regions in the structure of economic development.
The importance of tourism in the economic structure of underdeveloped regions
Required and additional literature regarding the regional development and tourism.

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Strategija regionalnog razvoja Republike Srbije za period od 2007 – 2012. godine.

Strategija razvoja turizma Republike Srbije. Univerzitet u Beogradu – Ekonomski fakulte, Beograd.

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