Regional geography of America (NOG41O3)

Students should acquire knowledge about regional-geographical features of North and South America, and they should be familiarized with basic principles of regionalization. One of the goals is to analyse interconnections between the physical-geographic and socio-economic factors in the development of individual regions. Students should develop ability to recognize and solve development issues from regional geography of the Americas.

Students should be able to apply their knowledge about regional geography of the Americas in the teaching process.

Theoretical lectures

  1. Regional position, borders and extent of North and South America
  2. Geologic history and main morphological features
  3. Main climate characteristics and types of climate
  4. Water resources and their significance
  5. Soils, utilization and degradation
  6. Biogeographical features, nature preservation, types and levels of protection
  7. Natural resources as a factor of regional development
  8. Territorial and historical development and contemporary political map of North and South America
  9. Demographics of the Americas
  10. Urbanization and largest cities
  11. Economy of North America, structure and perspective
  12. Economy of South America, structure and perspective
  13. The principles and concepts of regionalization in Geography
  14. Geographical regions of North America
  15. Geographical regions of South America

Practical lectures

  1. Analysis of regional-geographical features of North and South America
  2. Correlation between physical-geographical features, historical development and modern socio-economic processes.
  3. Regionalization of North and South America
  4. Methodology for the preparation and oral presentation of seminar papers.
  5. Analysis of literature for seminar papers.
  6. Seminar papers, practical classes and coloquim

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