Regional Geography of World (NOD21O4)

Students should acquire knowledge regarding regional geographical features of Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Oceania with special emphasis on the demographic characteristics of these continents. Students should develop ability to recognize and solve development issues regarding regional geography of the world and demographics of the continents and the specific regions.

Students should be able to apply their knowledge about regional geography of the world in their future profession work.

Theoretical lectures

  1. Main physical geographical features of the continents
  2. The interdependence between geographical factors and spatial distribution of population and economic sectors.
  3. Natural resources as a factor of regional development.
  4. Territorial and historic development: old civilization and Age of Discovery
  5. Colonial period and global demographic changes.
  6. Modern demographic development and global distribution of population.
  7. Migration on global and regional scale.
  8. Anthropological and ethnic diversity of the continents; multiculturalism
  9. Urbanization, large cities and pseudo urbanization
  10. Main economic characteristics of the continents
  11. Geographical regions of Europe
  12. Geographical regions of Asia
  13. Geographical regions of Americas
  14. Geographical regions of Africa
  15. Geographical regions of Australia and Oceania

Practical lectures

  1. Analysis of the regional geographical features of the continents, with special emphasis on demographic processes and problems.
  2. Correlations between physical geographical features, historical development and modern socio-economic processes.
  3. Analysis of urban and rural regions of the world regarding demographic development and contemporary demographic problems.
  4. Population as a factor of spatial and functional development of the regions.

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