Reproductive Health (NOD42I1)

The primary objective of the subject is to gain knowledge related to the phenomenon of reproductive health / family planning. To that end, the lectures and exercises address various relevant elements, from conceptual definitions, rights and responsibilities, to the deterministic foundation and the identification of key problems, and to the actions that are undertaken or need to be undertaken to improve reproductive health / family planning indicators. Despite the necessity of a multi-disciplinary approach, the closest attention is devoted to the demographic and health aspect of examining the reproductive health / family planning phenomenon.

Gained knowledge about the reproductive health problems of the Serbian population and understanding of the demographic and medical factors of the fertility framework in Serbia.

Theoretical lectures

The definition of the reproductive health / family planning phenomenon
Reproductive rights and responsibilities
The deterministic foundation of the reproductive health
The abortion issue
Birth control
Sexually transmitted diseases
Adolescent pregnancy
Health and family planning
Key reproductive health / family planning problems in Serbia and actions undertaken to resolve them
Birth control and population fertility
Reproductive health / family planning in the documents of international conferences on population

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