Rural Tourism (NOT21I1)

  • Level of study undergraduate studies
  • Teacher: Ph.D. Ljiljana Živković
  • Subject status: elective
  • ECTS: 5
  • Semester: III
  • Number of classes: 2+1

Introducing students to the knowledge of the relevant facts, planning and management of tourism in rural areas, because rural tourism has become an international phenomenon, and in Serbia is one of the priority directions of development of tourism.

Introducing students to the resources, constraints and priorities of rural tourism development and the specific knowledge and skills for the organization and improvement of farms in rural areas.

Theoretical lectures

Concept, types and characteristics of rural tourism, Rural tourism as a concept, Importance and role of rural tourism in the development of tourism and the rural economy, Rural tourism as a market segment (basic and supplementary sources of income), Components of a successful rural tourism (participants in rural tourism, demographic base rural tourism, the economic base rural tourism, tourism organizations and associations), The development of rural tourism in the world and individual countries, The development status of rural tourism in Serbia (appearance and stages, the number of visits and overnight stays, the material furnished t work force and service providers, financing the construction of tourist facilities, types and classification of accommodation), Travel values and geoheritage ​​in the villages of Serbia, Natural tourist values ​​(geomorphological, hydrographic, climate, flora and fauna), Anthropogenic tourist values ​​(ethnographic, artistic, environmental, landscape, tourism events, specific tourist route), Models accommodations in rural tourism (farms, ranches, ethno house, pubs, wine routes), Rural tourist regions in Serbia, Homogeneous and heterogeneous tourist regions in Serbia, Diversity and classification of rural tourism region, Strategy and policy of development of rural tourism in Serbia, Marketing services for rural tourism, Characteristics of supply and demand of services of rural tourism and factors causing it, Market research services of rural tourism (content, level, character and methods), Tourist information service for rural tourism (types, principles, tools), Marketing information systems on rural tourism, Special forms of rural tourism, Marketing rural tourism services, Legislation on rural tourism and basic standards for all types of properties, Interpretation of individual essays of rural tourism development in Serbia, Within the themes explored interdependence relationship: rural development and rural tourism, Suitable and potential destinations for rural tourism development in Serbia.

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