Social Development Impact Assessment (NMPP1I6)

Illustrate the link between social development and sustainability analysis, present social development as a legitimate part of the sustainability analysis, even one of the most important instruments for supporting social development in the EU and member states. Particular emphasis is placed on the significance of social consequences for post-transition societies such as Serbia, which often brings about social recovery as a result of economic development. Understanding marginalization of social objectivess, and favoring economic objectivess in the period of transition: social regression is the usual common part of certain periods of transition. Special attention to the practical application of knowledge, methodology and, especially, case studies on numerous examples from all over the world.

Developing analytical and practical abilities to implement the offered methods and principles for Social  impact assessment in individual cases, thus assessing the impact on social development as an important mechanism for achieving greater efficiency and promoting social cohesion, reducing social exclusion and finding a balance between economic performance development and social inclusion. Developing critical opinion, understanding the social consequences of certain changes and interventions in space.

Theoretical lectures

1. Social impact assessment in spatial planning
2. Social impact assessment on the margin of sustainability analysis
3. Principles of social impact assessment
4.  Case study
5.   Social  impact assessment in mining
6. Socio-economic aspects of the road construction project in Finland
7.  Case Study: Alabama River Basin
8.  Case Study: Coal Mine Australia
9.  Case Study: New Zealand Shopping Center
10.  Case Study: Solid Waste Incinerator Portugal
11.  Case Study: Participatory Method, New South Wales
12.  Case study; Great Sand Hills, Canada
13.  Case study; Khulna-Jessore, Bangladesh
14.  Case study; development program of the seashore, Thailand
15.  Serbia: Infrastructure Highway Corridor E 75: The risks of construction collapse

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