Spatial Mobility of Population (NMD1O3)

  • Level of study master academic studies
  • Teacher: Ph.D. Danica Šantić
  • Subject status: obligatory
  • ECTS: 7
  • Semester: I
  • Number of classes: 3

The goal of the course is to introduce the patterns of the population mobility on different regional levels; to identify the stages in mobility transition; to understand the influence of mobility on overall demographic development.

After passing the course students should be able to perceive the complexity and characteristics of  basic forms and determinants of population mobility; the acquired knowledge allows students to observe the influence of migration patterns on dynamics and population distribution as well as population change in certain regions;


Typology of internal and international migration; Demographic, geographical, economic, social, political, psychological and other determinants of population mobility; Theories and models; Relation between population mobility and spatial distribution of population on different regional, national and global levels; Contemporary migrations and modernization process; Migration transition; Republic of Serbia in international migration system;

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