Strategic Environmental Assessment (NMPP1I1)

  • Level of study master academic studies
  • Teacher: Ph.D. Dejan Filipovic
  • Subject status: elective
  • ECTS: 7
  • Semester: I
  • Number of classes: 3

To master the preparation models of a strategic environmental assessment which has become a compulsory and integral element of a spatial and an urban plan i.e. of sector development plans. The specific features of preparing these studies will be presented both theoretically and on practical examples, enabling students to master the preparation techniques and their adoption procedures.

Application of the acquired subject matter knowledge. Ability to prepare a strategic environmental assessment and to demonstrate its adoption procedures.

Theoretical lectures

 I – The concept, aim, task and principles of strategic environmental assessment;
II – Strategic impact assessment in an international context;
III – The methodological framework for preparing strategic environmental assessments;
IV – The procedure, participants and phases in the preparation process of the study;
V – Phases of determining the necessity of preparing a strategic environmental assessment (screening phase)
VI – Phases of determining the scope and structure of a strategic environmental assessment (scoping phase)
VII – A report on  the strategic environmental assessment;
VIII – The relationship and links between a strategic environmental assessment and other environmental plans and programmes;
IX – The decision-making process and public participation;
X – The selection of indicators and data sources in the implementation process of a strategic environmental assessment;
XI – Specific features of preparing a strategic environmental assessment  in planning documents on various hierarchical levels;
XII – The evaluation, control and implementation of  a strategic environmental assessment;
XIII – Practical examples – Serbia;
XIV – Practical examples – European Union;
XV – Practical examples – Other examples.

Practical lectures

Not envisaged by the plan and programme.

Filipović D., Vukićevič S. (2011): Introducing the Stakeholders to the Process of Strategic Environmental Assessment, Serbian Spatial Planners Association, Belgrade

Filipović D., Obradović D. (2005): Strategic Environmental Assessment in Spatial Planning – an instrument for the assessment of importance of environmental protection and sustainable development plans, Bulletin of the Serbian Geographical Society, tome. LXXXV, No.2

Group of authors (2013): Manual for the Conduction of Strategic Environmental Impact Assessments in Urban Planning, AMBERO/ICON – GIZ , Belgrade

Group of authors (2007): Evaluation Guidelines for the Report on Strategic Environmental Assessment, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Belgrade

Zakon o strateškoj proceni uticaja na životnu sredinu, (''Sl. glasnik RS, br.135/04)

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