Teaching practice 1 (NOG41O7)

  • Level of study undergraduate studies
  • Teacher: Ph.D. Ljiljana Živković
  • Subject status: obligatory
  • ECTS: 3
  • Semester: VII
  • Number of classes: 1+10

To enable students to comply with the competencies that are acquired during the learning process, actively participate in educational work in schools. Thus, students gain experience continuous direct work with students and improve their competence to practice the profession of teacher. Throughout the practice students need to inform, improve and apply the knowledge, skills and activities in schools.

The outcome means what is required of students, future teachers are expected to know and be able to do upon completion of school practice.

Theoretical lectures

The theoretical concept of school practice, Aims and outcomes of school practice, Contents of school practice, Activities of students and teachers on school practice, Planning and preparation teaching, Types of planning, Annual (global) planning of the work, Operational planning of teaching, Plan the lesson, Interdisciplinary theme planning, Plan geographical sections, The Curriculum, Definition of curriculum, Importance and types of curriculum, Individual education plan, Timetable of subjects in the curriculum, The linear timetable of subjects, Concentric timetable of subjects, Combined timetable of subjects, Timetable content in the curriculum, The selection of content for geography, Structuring content in teaching geography and interdisciplinary approach, Teaching and learning outside of school, Teaching focused on the operation-integrative learning, Contemporary approach to the use of teaching aids in the teaching process, The use of computers in teaching geography, New aspect of communication between teacher-student and student status at school, Organization of independent work of students in the teaching of geography, Extracurricular activities of students, Introduction to the school administration.

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