Theoretical Foundations of Tourism Research (2013D11I9)

Students should require knowledge regarding the theory of tourism, system analysis and solving practical problems in the field of tourism.

Education and training students for leadership and cooperation in domestic and international tourism projects.

Theoretical lectures

  1. Introduction to the tourism science
  2. Subject of research, problems, aims and tasks of tourism science,
  3. Regional development and tourism,
  4. Theoretical foundations of tourism,
  5. Development of research in the tourism area,
  6. The integral tourism research,
  7. Methodology of scientific research,
  8. Differentiation of homogenous and complex tourism regions,
  9. Analysis and results of tourism research,
  10. Managing the tourism projects
  11. Usage of GIS in tourism
  12. The process of creating scientific and applicative projects in tourism
  13. Systematic analysis and solving practical problems in tourism,
  14. Creating scientific and research project,
  15. Presentation and analysis of scientific and research project.
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