Ph.D. Dobrica Jovičić

Dobrica Jovicic was born on October 29, 1961 in Belgrade. He has a doctorate in tourismology. The title of his dissertacion is: “Tourism and Environment in the Context of Sustainable Development” (deffended in 1999, the University of Novi Sad, The Faculty of Science). He had been employed until 2003 as an adviser to the Federal Government of FR Yugoslavia in the departments in charge of environmental issues. He became an assistant professor at the University of Nis, Faculty of Science (Department of Geography), on October 1, 2003. Since October 1, 2008, he is employed at the University of Belgrade – Geographical Faculty. He was appointed as a full professor at the University of Belgrade on May 15, 2013.

He teaches the following subjects at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Studies:

  • Introduction to Tourismology,
  • Tourism and Protection of Environment,
  • Tourism Policy,
  • Tourism and International Economic Flows,
  • Tourism Destination Management,
  • Principles and Methods of Tourismological Research

The papers published in international journals:

  • Jovicic, D. (2013): Key issues in the implementation of sustainable tourism. Current Issues in Tourism (online).
  • Jovičić, D. (2012): The Influence of Environment and Energy Macro Surroundings on the Development of Tourism in the 21st Century, Collegium Antropologicum, Vol 36, No. 2, UDC 572, ISSN: 0350-6134, pp. 697-704.
  • Jovičić D. (2011). Socio-cultural impacts of contemporary tourism. Collegium Antropologicum 35 (2), pp. 509-605. ISSN:0350-6134 
  • Dragin, A., Jovicic, D., Boskovic, D. (2010). Economic Impact of Cruise Tourism along the Paneuropean Corridor VII. Economic Research Vol. 23, No. 4,  pp. 127-141. ISSN:1331-677X 
  • Dragićević, V., Jovičić, D., Blešić, I., Stankov, U., Bosković, D. (2012): Business Tourism Destination Competitiveness: a case study of Vojvodina province (Serbia), Ekonomska istrazivanja-Economic Research, Vol. 25, No. 2, ISSN: 1331-677X, UDK 338, pp. 311-332.


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