Ph.D. Dragica Gatarić

Date and place of birth: 11. 12. 1975., Banja Luka

Dr Dragica Gatarić graduated Geography at the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade in 2001. She defended her master thesis in 2006 and her doctoral dissertation in 2012, thus gaining the academic title of Doctor of Geosciences. She has been employed at the Faculty of Geography since 2004, first as an assistant, since 2013 she has been an assistant professor and from 2018 she works as associate professor. She teaches the following courses: Tourism dispersives and settlements at the department of Tourism Studies, Urban and rural geographies and Revitalization of rural settlements at the department of Spatial Planning and Urban and Rural Geography I, Urban and Rural Geography II and Revitalization of rural settlements at the department of Demography.

The focus of her scientific interest includes studying of the problems of rural and urban geography. She has published, independently and in co-authorship, one scientific monograph, one chapter in a scientific monograph of international importance, more than 50 research papers, three thematic maps, 1,155 entries (settlements) in the Geographical Encyclopedia of the Settlement of Serbia, Comprehensive School Knowledge, Concise Serbian and Serbian Encyclopedia and Geography Student’s Book and Workbook for the 8th grade of primary school. She presented research papers at several scientific national and international conferences. She was engaged in two national and one international scientific-research project. She participated in the drafting of the Spatial Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia, the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia and the Spatial Plan of the Municipality of Negotin.

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