Ph.D. Miško Milanović

Miško Milanović was born on July 10th, 1972nd in Arandjelovac, Serbia. Primary school and Secondary Mathematical School finished at Topola, Serbia, 1991. Study Group of Spatial Planning at Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade, Serbia, enrolled 1995th and finished 2000th. Postgraduate studies enrolled 2000th, at Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Postgraduate studies finished 2004th. He defended Ph.D. thesis in June 18th, 2008th. Ph.D. thesis has been from the scientific field of the environment and remote sensing. Professor Milutin Lješević was a mentor for Graduated topic, Master topic, and Ph.D. thesis.

Miško Milanović started to work at Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade, Serbia, from 15th June 2001st. In March 2005th was elected to the position of assistant. On position of assistant professor he started 2008th. On position of associate professor Miško Milanović started 2013rd. On position of full professor started 2018th.

 Scientific field of research

  • Environment
  • Remote sensing
  • Geographic Information Systems

Engaging in the profession

  • He participated as a lecturer at scientific ecological camps and ecological workshops in Serbia and Montenegro, since 2003rd.
  • He was prepares young talents for scientific research of environment. It is being prepared in cooperation with Regional Center for Talents “Belgrade II”, since 2005.


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Scientific Papers

Jovanović J., Milanović M., Zorn M. (2018): The use of NDVI and CORINE Land Cover databases for forest management in Serbia, Acta geographica Slovenica, 57-2, page XX, DOI:, UDC: 91:630*6(497.11), 630*6:528.8(497.11), COBISS: 1.01.
Miško Milanović, Ivan Samardžić, Veljko Perović, Milisav Tomić (2017): Proposals for the introduction of a pollutant cadastre as an obligation in environmental protection plans and programs, Proceedings from a scientific conference with international participation: Planning and normative protection of the spatial and environment – Subotica, Palić, Serbia, Association of Spatial Planners of Serbia, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Geography, Belgrade, 231-238, ISBN 978-86-6283-051-7 (APPS), COBISS.SR-ID 233392140, UDK 502.1:711(082).
Miško Milanović, Milisav Tomić, Veljko Perović, Milan Radovanović, Saumitra Mukherjee, Darko Jakšić, Marko Petrović, Ana Radovanović (2017): Land Degradation analysis of mine-impacted zone of Kolubara in Serbia, Environmental Earth Sciences, (2017) 76:580, P. 1-10, DOI 10.1007/s12665-017-6896-y, Journal’s link:
Jovanović J., Milanović M. (2017): Remote Sensing and Forest Conservation: Challenges of Illegal Logging in Kursumlija Minicipality (Serbia), Chapter from the book Forest Ecology and Conservation, Chapter 5, INTECH Open Science, page 99-118;
Orhideja Štrbac, Miško Milanović & Vukan Ogrizović (2017): Estimation the Evapotranspiration of Urban Parks with Field Based and Remotely Sensed Datasets, Carpathian Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Volume 12, No 2, Baia Mare, Romania, p. 605-616, ISSN: 1842-4090, NORTH UNIV. BAIA MARE, FACULTY MINERAL RESOURCES & ENVIRONMENT, Romania. Journal’s link:
Miško M. Milanović, Veljko S. Perović, Milisav D. Tomić, Tin Lukić, Snežana S. Nenadović, Milan M. Radovanović, Miloš M. Ninković, Ivan Samardžić, Đurđa Miljković (2016): Analysis of the state of vegetation in the municipality of Jagodina (Serbia) through remote sensing and suggestions for protection, Geographica Pannonica, Volume 20, Issue 2, page 70-78 (June 2016); ISSN 0354-8724 (hard copy) | ISSN 1820-7138 (online).
Jovanović M., Milanović M. (2015): Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) as the Basis for Local Forest Management. Example of the Municipality of Topola, Serbia, Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, Vol. 24. No. 2., p. 529-535.
Filipovic D., Milanovic M. (2012): “Local Environmental Action Plans in Serbia – Condition and Perspectives”, Proceedings from the Scientific Conference with International Participation, Cities in the 21st Century – Zlatibor, Association of Spatial Planners of Serbia, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Geography, Republic Agency for Spatial Planning, Belgrade, 317-325.
Milinčić M., Milanović M. (2010): “Environmental Approach in Local Environmental Action Plans of Serbia – State and Perspectives”, Proceedings from the Scientific-Expert Meeting with International Participation: Local Self-Government in Planning and Spatial Planning and Settlements – Ivanjica, Association of Spatial Planners of Serbia, University of Belgrade , Faculty of Geography, Belgrade, 571-586.

 Teaching Engagement

  • Remote Sensing of Environment (Graduated Study)
  • Environment Management (Graduated Study)
  • Urban Ecology (Graduated Study)
  • Communal Hygiene (Graduated Study)
  • Monitoring and Auditing of Environment (Master Study)
  • Application of GIS in Research of Environment Protection (Ph. D. Studies)

Membership in International and National associations

• Association of Spatial Planners, Republic of Serbia, Member since 2000th.
• Serbian Geographical Society, Member since 2001st.
• Associate of the European Center for Peace and Development, Member since 2003rd.
• Serbian Chemical Society, Member since 2009th.

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