Ph.D. Petar Vasić

Date and place of birth: 05.08.1980., Smederevo

Petar Vasic graduated in 2003. at the department of Demography of the Faculty of Geography, as the first graduate demographer in Serbia. He finished postgraduate studies in 2010 at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade and obtained an academic title of Master of Demography. In 2016 he defended his doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Geography in Belgrade under the title “Age as a Demographic Determinant of Household Consumption in Serbia”, thus gaining the scientific title of Doctor of Demography. He has been employed at the Faculty of Geography since 2006 as an assistant, and in 2017 was elected Assistant Professor. The field of scientific interest is demography: population policy, population projections and population as a factor in economic phenomena. He has published more than 30 scientific papers in domestic and foreign publications alone or in co-authorship, and participated in many scientific and expert conferences in the country and abroad. He has participated in 3 domestic projects. He was proclaimed as the best student of the generation of the Faculty of Geography. He is a member of the Association of Demographers of Serbia.


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Basten, S. & T. Frejka (co-ordinatingauthors)(2016): Fertility and Family Policies in Central and Eastern Europe. Comparative Population Studies, vol. 41/1, 3-56. (Serbian collaborator together with Mirjana Rašević and Mirjana Bobić)
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Radivojević, B., Vasić, P. (2012), Household age structure and consumption in Serbia, Economic annals, vol. 57, No. 195, Faculty of economy University of Belgrade.


• Population projections
• Population policy
• Applied demographics (GES)


He is a member of the Society of Demographics of Serbia.

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