The 5thMedCLIVAR conference will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, 18-21 September 2018.

Information on the conference organization, sessions, important dates and contact form are available at

The conference will include all traditional MedCLIVAR topics while focusing on creating bridges between scientists, research groups, and scholars dealing with Mediterranean type climate existing in areas of California, Chile, the Western Cape of South Africa, Western and Southern Australia.

Invited Speakers, who have already confirmed their participation are: Carlo Buontempo (ECMWF), Douglas Maraun (University of Graz), Pierre Nabat (CNRM), EleonoraRegattieri (University of Pisa), Alexander Ramos (University of Lisbon), Steven Van Passel (University of Antwerp), Giuseppe Zappa (University of Reading).

Important dates:

17 May Abstract submission closing
16 June Notification of acceptance to authors
10 July Early bird registration deadline
25 July Final programme published online
18-21 September MedCLIVAR 2018 conference

Themes and Sessions

The Mediterranean Regional Climate System, with contributions on modelling and observing the Mediterranean regional climate. The focus is on understanding climate processes, feedbacks and interactions between the atmosphere, ocean, hydrosphere, biosphere, cryosphere and geosphere.
Conveners: Francois Dulac, Margarida L. R. Liberato, UweUlbrich

Past climate evolution of the Mediterranean region, including contributions on trends, rhythms, and extreme events on Milanković, millennial/centennial and interannual timescales, based on paleo-reconstructions, simulations and long instrumental time series.
Conveners:Isabel Cacho, Maria Triantaphyllou, PolychronisConstantinosTzedaki

Assessment of climate change in the Mediterranean region and climate projections, focusing on i) observation, detection and attribution of past trends ii) future evolution characterization using recent multi-model initiatives iii) presentation of novel dynamical and statistical modeling approaches
Conveners: Paola Mercogliano, Samuel Somot

Climate extremes and hazards in the Mediterranean region under a changing climate, with contributions on extreme events and hazards in the Mediterranean, how they are linked to the changing climate and what are the predictions for the next decades.
Conveners: Maria Carmen Llasat, Shlomit Paz

Past, Present and Future change of Mediterranean-type climates,this session will compare and contrast across the five Mediterranean-type climates (occurring also in the Western United States, South Africa, central Chile and South Australia) the character and mechanisms of variability and change on interannual to centennial timescales.
Conveners: Richard Seager, Isla Simpson

Societal impacts of climate change in the Mediterranean region,considering multidisciplinary climate-environment-human societal systems, feedbacks and interactions, environmental pressures and responses, lessons for the future.
Conveners: Ana Iglesias, Athanasios T. Vafeidis

Climate Services in the Mediterranean regions,presenting and discussing activities related to the development of sustainable climate services, based on continuous dialog and partnership between scientists, climate data and related products providers, stakeholders and end-users.
Conveners: Silvio Gualdi, Vladimir Đurđević


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