HIDDEN GEOGRAPHIESInternational Conference Slovenia, Ljubljana, 29-31 August 2019

Hidden geographies in a very broad sense refer to ways of spatial arrangements of natural or cultural, real or imagined features, relations or processes in a landscape that are hidden in any possible meaning, such as (so far) not visible, unseen, kept out of sight, concealed, disguised, masked, unrevealed, also unperceived or unknown.

They are hidden to majority or to individuals, to science, to public or maybe to certain social groups. Hiding may be deliberate, e.g. to protect (natural environment, privacy, human rights) or to gain (economic, political) advantage. However, the majority of geographies remain hidden due to lack of information or lack of knowledge how to deal with them. Geography, cartography, remote sensing, geoinformatics and other disciplines focusing on spatial aspects of the nature and societies, supported by the ubiquity of the ICT, and enormous quantities of available spatially positioned quantitative as well as qualitative data reveal, or at least assess enormous amounts of (so far) hidden geographies, which leads to a growing need to adequately select, interpret, model and relate this information to the existing knowledge.

Hidden geographies are everywhere, and many have substantial impacts on (other) natural and social processes, which consequently trigger changes, for example in the landscape, economy, culture, health or quality of life.

More info: http://hiddengeographies.geografija.si/?fbclid=IwAR0BQEZMloNYkuxrNhBlWaoyeBYWd4I7IPxsvmXXSyW0XR7e9zp4iFgeqvg

hidden geographies