PhD Degree – Geosciences

Semester 1

  • Physical and Geographic Processes *EC
  • Theoretical Development Directions of Social Geography *EC
  • Theory of Regional Geography *EC
  • Theory of Cartography *EC
  • Communication in Teaching and School Climate *EC
  • Theory of Environmental and Geospatial Science *EC
  • Instruments of Regional Development Planning *EC
  • Theory of Demography *EC
  • Theoretical Foundations of Tourism Research *EC
  • Research paper

Semester 2

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research in Physical Geography *EC
  • Epistemology of Human Geography *EC
  • Methodology of Regional Geographical Research *EC
  • Methodology of Cartographic Research *EC
  • Research Methodology of Geography Teaching Process *EC
  • Methodology of Geospatial and Environmental Science and GIS *EC
  • Analysis of Territorial Development *EC
  • Methods and Techniques of Demographic Analysis *EC
  • Principles and Methods of Tourism Research *EC
  • Research paper

Semester 3

  • Methodology of Scientific Research
  • Application of Physical-geography Research *EC
  • Applicative Social Geography *EC
  • Development and Application of Regional Geography *EC
  • Contemporary Tendencies in Cartography *EC
  • Current Development Trends in Theory and Practice of Geography Teaching *EC
  • Application of GIS in Research and Protection of Geographic Space *EC
  • Perspectives of Spatial Planning *EC
  • Contemporary Demographic Problems and Processes *EC
  • Problems and Tendencies of Contemporary Tourism Development *EC
  • Research paper

Semester 4

  • Academic research (preparation of doctoral dissertation)

Semester 5

  • Academic research (preparation of doctoral dissertation)

Semester 6

  • Academic research (preparation of doctoral dissertation) 


Note: * EC – Elective course
In 1. semester student elects 3 out of 9 courses.
In 2. semester student elects 2 out of 9 courses.
In 3. semester student elects 1 out of 9 courses.





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