Ph.D. Dragica Živković

PhD. Dragica  Živković was born on 04.12.1951 in the municipality of Obrenovac. The Elementary school and Gymnasy she was fnished in the city of Belgrade. The study of Geography on the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Belgrade she was started in 1970 and finished in 1974 with an average mark of 9.50. She started the Doctoral study at  the course of Population and Settlements in 1974and finished in 1976 with an average mark of 9.80. Master of Thesis with the title „Demographic characteristics of the Municipality of Obrenovac“ she finished at the Department of Geography and Spatial Planning in 1971. Doctoral Thesis with the title of „The Chartometric analysis of hypsometry distribution of population of the Republic of Serbia (without territories of autonomous provinces ) was fnished at 1989 in Belgrade. She was choosen for the assistent at the Department of Geography in 1975 for the courses: Cartography and Thematic Cartography. She became assistent professor in 1990 for the courses of Cartography in the Geographical Institute and the Institute of Spatial Planning as well as Full Professor was choosen in 2001 on the coureses Cartography and Thematic Cartography. She started like teacher on 1990 for the courses Geographical Cartography in 1991 she was taken to be chair of that course. She was taken on the master studies for the courses of School Geography and on the Doctoral Studies for the course Theory of Cartography. She has one book in co-authorship.  She was tutor of 19 Master of Thesis and 10 Doctoral Thesis, she was in the 4 comision for Master of Thesis and 5 Doctoral Thesis too. She was chair of the Department of the Cartography between 1990 until 2012 and between 2014 until 2018 and chif of the Cartography lab for Cartography until 2015. She was teacher of Cartography at the Univesrity of Banja Luka, Faculty of Phylosophy in Pale and at the University of Kosovska Mitrovica. She was participant on numerous of scientific conferences at natianal and international level, member of scientific commisions and mamber of the scientific journals at national and international level. She is participant of Scientific-reserach project with the name „Development programs for the revitalization of Serbian villages “(project number 176008) from 2011 to 2018“.  She is a member of the Serbian Geographical Society and ICA (International Cartographic Association).


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