Ph.D. Gordana Vojković

Date and place of birth: September 29, 1957, Skopje

Dr Gordana Vojkovic graduated from the Department for Geography and Spatial Planning of the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics University of Belgrade in 1981. Received a title Master of Geographic Sciences in 1990, and in 2003, having defended the doctoral thesis, the title of PhD in Geography. Academic career started at the Geographical Institute “Jovan Cvijic”, SASA, where she became the research associate in 2004. Elected assistant professor in 2005, and associate professor in 2011 at the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade. Engaged in teaching the following courses in the study group of Demography: Historic Demography and Demographic Development of Serbia and Neighbouring Countries and Applied Demography in the study group of Spatial Planning. Also teaches in master and doctoral studies in the study group of Demography. The field of scientific interest is related to demography: historic demography, demographic aspects of regionalism, demographic development of Serbia and neighbouring countries. Published two scientific monographs, twenty chapters in domestic and international monographs or thematic proceedings, a number of studies in scientific journals of national and international importance. Her studies were presented in several international and domestic interdisciplinary conferences. Took part in the realization of a number of fundamental and applied research projects in the field of social demography, population geography and demography. Participated in the project of bilateral cooperation between Serbia and Slovenia: “Population Development Issues in Border Regions“ (Faculty of Geography in Belgrade and University of Primorska from Koper 2010-2011). Was engaged in the development of population studies in several spatial plans and development strategies. Participated in the realization and the Project manager the development of demographic development studies for the Strategy of Spatial Development of the Republic of Serbia 2009-2013-2020 and Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia 2010. Member of the Committee for the Study of Population, SASA, Scientific Council of the Research Centre for Historic Geography and Historic Demography of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, The Serbian Geographical Society and the Association of Demographers of Serbia. Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs at the Faculty of Geography University of Belgrade.


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• Historic demography
• Demographic development of Serbia and neighbouring countries I
• Applied demography  
• Demography in the system of sciences
• Population – factor of the regionalization of Serbia


- Serbian Geographical Society
- Association of Demographers of Serbia
- Committee for the Study of Population SASA

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