Ph.D. Jelena Luković

Jelena received a batchelors in 2004, a magistar degree in 2008, and a doctoral degree in 2013, in Geography at the University of Belgrade. Her dissertation elucidated the spatial pattern of climate variability in Serbia. Since her Fulbright fellowship at the University of California Berkeley, the focus of Lukovic’s research has been precipitation seasonality change in the Mediterranean type climate (with focus on California and the proper Mediterranean). Her most recent article attributed the later onset of the rainy season in California to delay in the strengthening of the Aleutian Low, and later seasonal southward shift in the North Pacific jet stream in the most recent decades.
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  1. Lukovic J, Chiang J, Blagojevic D (2020). A later onset of the rainy season in California (submitted).
  2. Cvijanovic I, Lukovic J, Begg J (2020). One hundred years of Milankovic cycles. Nature Geosciences, 3(8):524-525
  3. Luković J, Bajat B, Blagojević D, Kilibarda M (2014). Spatial pattern of rainfall trend in Serbia. Regional Environmental Change, 14(5), 1789-1799.
  4. Kutiel H, Luković J, Burić D (2014). Spatial and temporal variability of rain-spells characteristics in Serbia and Montenegro, International Journal of Climatology, DOI: 10.1002/joc.4080.

Membership in domestic and international associations

  • Serbian Geographical Society, member
  • American Geophysical Union, member
  • International Geographical Union, national representative

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