Ph.D. Slađana Anđelković

Election to the title of a full professor: (2018.), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Geography – narrow scientific field of Pedagogy. Election to the title of an associate professor: (2013.), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Geography – narrow scientific field of Pedagogy. Election to the title of an assistant professor: (2008.), University of Belgrade, Faculty of Geography – narrow scientific field of Pedagogy. Researcher on the project “Models of evaluation and strategies for improvement of education quality in Serbia“ (179060) funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. Author of two scientific monographs, two manuals for students and over 90 scientific papers published in prestigious international and national journals. Field of research: education for sustainable development, educational tourism, modern issues of teacher education, learning and teaching outside the classroom. Member of the committee of the Ministry of Education for the reform of initial teacher education (2019-2020). Actively participates in the development of teacher education curricula at teacher education faculties (Geography, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics) by creating courses related to the group of pedagogy-related subjects. Reviewed several scientific monographs, reviewer in two international journals, member of one international journal editorial board, member of scientific and programming conferences in the country and abroad. Expert associate and reviewer of textbooks and manuals for teachers. Author and leader/coordinator of four professional development programs for employees in education by the Institute for the Improvement of Education (on the topic of education for sustainable development and modern teaching strategies) 2018-2021.


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Membership in domestic and international associations

Member of international and national organizations in the field of Pedagogy and Education. Member of the Department of Teaching Methodology and Didactics at the Faculty of Geography, member of the Institute of Geography and the Council of Doctoral Studies of the Faculty of Geography.

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